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:bulletgreen: Originality and Plot rating: 100%. It is a very heartwarming story, especially towards the end, as Helen didn't need to say a word on her troubles, and they were dealt with, the moment the others stepped into the temple.

:bulletgreen: Size of paragraphs: They're all decently sized.

Question about mysterious Spacer

Is he a high-ranked Spacer, or does he have a notorious history for being a killer?

I have a feeling that either scenario might apply to him. An equally strong hunch about him that I have is that it's a combination of both factors.

:bulletgreen: Usage of descriptive phrases: 10/10 Star rating. One that I found that fit well is "She reached up for him as if she was an infant wanting her mother."

Overall rating: 10/10 stars. In all honesty, when I read stories, this is the style I like to read it as. It is simple, yet, very elegant. For example, when I read "The soldiers ran cowardly out of temple like kindergartners in an overnight camping trip, not daring to look back.", I imagined if they also screamed with high pitches in their voices. However, I like that the detail has been omitted, as it lets the reader imagine whether or not the soldiers did scream.

Keep it up, eh! You have skill similar to Brian Jacques, the writer of Redwall. The vocabulary you utilize is very rich, and I can say that it's one of the things that make your stories very well written.
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