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3D ID Card Model
Health Card 3D Model by SonAmyFan362
If you want a nice 3D Model of an ID Card, but, you don't want to have to do any work, feel free to consult me.


Simple, nothing fancy: Sort of like the Health Card 3D Model I uploaded. Simple background, and information that is relevant to the identification piece is included. On the back side, there will be another face for the card, so it looks more realistic. For these, I'll go for about... 20 - 50 Points.

Kind of fancy: Includes everything from the first option, with the addition of a placeholder for a photograph of the cardholder. An example that this would be useful for would be a Driver's License 3D Model, or a Health Card with a photograph. For these ones, I'll go for around... 100 - 250 Points.

Fancy: Same as the second option, but, with additional features, such as a signature line, and a magnetic strip on the back of the card. Feel free to inquire about more options, if you desire. For these, I'm willing to sell for about... 500- 800 Points, depending on how many options are added.

I'm flexible with pricing, so, if you want an adjustment on the price, feel free to drop me a Note. Thank you.
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Designs with characters, about 50 - 60 Points.
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Fancy Skins: 100 - 200 Points. These are, as mentioned before, the ones where "Journal Entry: " with the date is NOT included. If this is what you're aiming for, refer to this option, please. If you WANT the "Journal Entry: " text included, refer to the first option.

Skins with image background: roughly 500 - 700 Points. These can go with either prior mentioned option. However, this option's price will override the desired option's price. So, for example, option 2's price will be NOT included in this Commission. It will only be this one. However, feel free to negotiate a price with me, if you want a more fair price. I'm always flexible, and these are just suggested prices. Do not feel bad for asking me to lower the price.

I am flexible with pricing, as long as it is decent for both parties.
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Point rates:
1-2: +0 PTS
+10 Addtional PTS per group of characters (3+ characters)

I am willing to be flexible with the pricing.


Newest Deviations

I try to make time to upload new material. However, at the moment, I still have to take care of my school stuff.... so, if you're waiting for something, know that I DO want to work on my stuff. I just haven't gotten the time, yet.


Order some photographs, too! They're bound to make a nice gift for Christmas, this year!



Hannah and Armin got the scare of their lives when Vegeta seemed to return to being a vicious threat towards them…… over a gigantic gem! However, the Champion decided to offer to purchase the humongous jewel, whether or not it was the missing Master Emerald! BUT! Will they get to it, or will it get stolen? Also, will Vegeta's offer be enough?

Character Introductions

    Katherine the Cybunny is Hannah the Usul's only true friend from her childhood. Whenever Hannah would get sick, she'd send her get well cards. Whenever Hannah got bullied, she'd stand up for her friend. The reason why Katherine was so positive with Hannah was because the girls had one thing in common: They hated the way their peers acted towards them. Katherine seems to support Hannah's choice of companionship.

The bad news……

    "Oh, dear," White Hawk sighed as she checked out the surrounding environment of the Portal Machine's Destination Portal. "Uh, we've got a strange issue."

    Confused, The Hacker looked at the monitors his wife was observing. Much to the couple's surprise, the surrounding environment was indicative that it was somewhere around Neopian waters. The two Team Hacker Bosses looked at one another, and verified the inputted coordinates. They were identical to the coordinates used when Team Hacker first made contact with Hannah and Armin. The Hacker then made a bold hypothesis. He hypothesised that Neopia must have rotated significantly enough to cause a shift in the coordinal location. White Hawk stared at her husband in awe, and took another look at the steps taken to reach Hannah and Armin's house. The registered coordinates were entered manually as an alternative solution. However, the same oceanic location pulled up, rather than the Neopian Couple's house.

    "So... our planet has rotated too much for the coordinates to be accurate?" Hannah scratched her head.

    "Apparently..." White Hawk sighed, and looked at her husband, and momentarily looked at a worried Hannah and Armin, only to look back to her husband. "Well... who is to say we are without mercy? We'll have to wait for either tonight... or, tomorrow morning. Those are our best shots. Once the Portal is on that world, however, it can pick up data about the location. If it changes throughout the day, we'll know, and we'll be able to utilize that information for whenever we want to visit. It'll be like a little profile, centering on the coordinates alone." White Hawk felt pride when her husband hugged and kissed her for a wonderful-sounding plan.

    "So... we're going to stay over for the night?" Hannah swallowed nervously, as her throat was getting dry. Just then, The Hacker snapped his fingers, and, momentarily, a hologram appeared in front of the Usul. The Hacker instructed her how to order some water. As Hannah confirmed her selection, she jumped as a bottle of water nearly hit her in the face. Luckily, Hannah had great reflexes, and The Hacker smiled happily. Hannah struggled to open the water bottle, and The Hacker opened it for her. "Thanks. Vegeta, why are you being so nice to us?"

    "Humph! I have no ulterior motives. I was just helping you out. Does your boyfriend want some water, as well?" The Hacker looked at the nervous Bori.

    "Now that you mention it, can I have the same kind as- " Armin's wish was granted almost immediately by the computerized system. "How did it know?"

    "You're not dealing with your average technology! Team Hacker technology is so sophisticated, only the Bosses have full control over it. There are only 2 Bosses: White Hawk and I. We designed the entire software. In a sense, the software is another Team Hacker member. But, we're yet to see any flaw. Lately, we have only improved it. As astounding as it sounds, we've forgotten how good it feels to fix an issue with the system. Therefore, if you see a problem... report it. We'll double the price for each actual problem to address. If it's a concern with the technology, it won't count. Got it?" The Hacker crossed his arms as he finished telling the pair about the technology.

    "You got a deal!" Hannah gave The Hacker a high five as she was calming down. Armin opened his own water bottle with ease, and Hannah's eyes locked onto the Bori. "Isn't he strong?" Hannah squealed with joy.

    "You two..." The Hacker chuckled. "You're a great couple. Now, follow me. I'll take you to your room. Afterwards, my wife and I will have our own time in the hot tub."

    As the pair from Neopia followed The Hacker in the somewhat spacious hallways, towards the Guest Resting Wing, Hannah mustered the courage to leap a little to catch up to her host. "Vegeta," Hannah whispered as she drank from her water bottle, "Do you really have a talent for identifying the perfect couple?"

    The Hacker stopped, and turned himself towards the Usul. Smiling, he whispered, "Yes. And, you and Armin are a perfect match. It's patently obvious. I have the strangest feeling you and Armin have yet to explore your true love for each other. I have the feeling you have the potential to be a great couple, both of you. Now, let's go to your Extra Premium Plus Room - it has state-of-the-art technology for entertainment, anti-theft systems, beverage delivery systems, every single thing that will show you how it is like to be rich. Just remember, you might have to get used to the technology side of things. The voice recognition unit registers everything about what you say - including tonality, speed of speech, every single thing. That is how it will know what to get you, every time it detects a need."

    "Whoa! Talk about serious technology!" Hannah's awe of The Hacker's describing of the mansion's technology, and wanted to test out the cool things it could do for them.

    "So, if one of us showed signs of nervousness, it could detect what we're nervous about?" Armin curiously asked. The Hacker simply nodded.

    "Now, let's not dilly dally. You'll have access to top of the line pajamas, the beds themselves will be very comfortable. Take this as an opportunity to embrace the lifestyle of the rich. Remember, lovebirds... you'll have this same lifestyle. Somehow." The Hacker used his right hand on a handprint scanner to open the lock to the Guest Resting Wing.

    "Whoa! On Neopia, we do not possess such technologies!" Armin stood in awe of how responsive everything was in the mansion. Hannah was equally amazed, as well. The Hacker stopped at the room he had chosen for Hannah and Armin. He pressed a button that enabled handprint recordings, and asked for Hannah's and Armin's prints for the reader. Armin's issue was being able to access the machine. However, he managed to, once Hannah offered to give him a boost. The Bori made it as brief as possible, as he didn't want Hannah to stress out her body from lifting him. Armin's handprint reading went through without hassles. Hannah then got her handprint read and registered, with similarly positive results.

    "Congratulations! You are now able to come to this room without having myself present. So far, only my handprints are registered as the Master Handprints - which you need to have access to everything in this mansion. I am working on a solution to make White Hawk's handprints to be treated the same as mine. The technology just came out, last week, so, expect glitches."

    "Will there be any with the voice technology?" Hannah inquired.

    "No. It's been very stable. Well, enjoy yourselves. Live, and admire how well it works." The Hacker smiled as he motioned to them to walk in the room. As the pair entered their room, it was beautifully decorated. Hannah stood in awe of the sheer size of the massive room.

    "This is easily twice the size of our house, Armin! If not, triple! if not, quadruple! Whoa!" Hannah jumped for the luxurious bed, which felt extremely comfortable. "Whoo! Armin, we be stayin' here for tonight! Jump on, silly! You need to feel this for yourself! It's a truly wonderful feeling bedding! Come on, Armin!" Hannah loudly tapped on the bed to signal to him to jump on it. To Armin's confusion, he felt himself get propelled towards the bed. Hannah stood on the bed to catch her most desired companion in her arms.

    "Hannah.... I didn't jump! I can't jump that high!" Armin shook.

    "Oh? If it wasn't you... huh! HUH! Nice! It must have been the system! Sweet!" Hannah set the Bori down onto the luxurious bed.

    "Whoa... we may never leave, Hannah. This bed feels really nice! It is only second to you!"

    "I know that feeling, Armin. Let's get ready. We might have to get prepared to have supper, very soon."

Hannah and Armin's first dinner together on Earth

    The pair got dressed into formal wear provided by their hosts when they heard an announcement that dinner time would be in half an hour. Hannah blushed as she looked at Armin. Giggling, she adjusted Armin's tie and embraced him.

    - "Armin, these people are very nice to us. I want to make things very nice for them. So, how's about we show them a proper Neopian thank you?"

    - "I was thinking the same thing. Hannah, we should probably get directions, huh? This place is huge! Just the swimming area looked like could fit the Golden Dubloon at least 5 times, with space to spare!"

   -  "You're right, Armin. Well, we'd better get going, huh?"

    The pair received a device with directions to the dining area of Team Hacker Mansion. As they followed the directions to the letter, they were mesmerised with how nice the mansion looked. As they did not want to lose each other, Hannah and Armin held hands and took their time to get to the dining area, until they finally made it. Upon seeing the sheer size of the table, Hannah started getting nervous.

    "I hope I'm not expected to do any waitressing..." Hannah swallowed nervously. Moe walked up to Hannah, and patted her on the back.

    "Hannah... you will have to do waitressing, unfortunately. Our catering staff is very short staffed. Sorry." Moe patted Hannah's back again.

    "Really? I have to do my old job? Here?" Hannah started shaking.

    "Yep. Have fun!" Moe said cheerfully.

    "I.... can't believe it!" Hannah's heart began to sink.

    "Well, whatever we won't eat, you can!" Moe tried to cheer Hannah up. However, her mood worsened.

    "Wait. I have something to tell you." Moe started to laugh.

    "Oh? What's that?" Hannah had no intention to see any positive.

    "I got you! it's a joke! Laugh it up! My father told me you were kind of stressed out, so, I decided to make a little joke. We do that sort of thing. It's our way to show you that you're part of the family!" Moe laughed hard after giving Hannah some reassuring pats to show her she wasn't really expected to do her old job, while Hannah took some sighs of relief and truly happy laughs.

    "You got me real good! I'm glad to be part of this family!" Hannah giggled nervously as she and Armin sat down. The dinner was one that the pair would not forget anytime soon.

What luxurious meal will be presented to the lovebirds? Will they make it to the gem in time? Or, has Kanrik and the Thieves Guild already gotten a huge head start?


Hannah and Armin made a great impression on Midnight, the beautiful black cat living with Team Hacker. Armin then surprised everyone when he informed them that he was planning to be brave in conquering his fear of water by going for a hot tub. A near mishap on Hannah's part nearly cost Armin his own life. However, Hannah jumped in front of the Bori to save his fur. However, it looks like Hannah may want more than just hugs and kisses from her date. Will the pair have an awkward moment at bed time? And, what will happen with the huge gem, now that the couple is on Earth, instead of Neopia?

Hannah and Armin by SonAmyFan362
This gives me an idea for a beautiful movie's opening title screen. Someday, I hope to make fan films a reality!

Hanmin first meal together by SonAmyFan362
The pair's very first conversation. And, to think, their relationship goes beyond JUST FRIENDS! The timeline in these stories is set to about a couple years after this event.

2015-10-22 14-56-13 by SonAmyFan362
Honestly, who doesn't think these two are or belong in a beautiful relationship? They're holding hands!

Armin... actually enjoying being in water!

    Armin finally settled in the hot tub's water, and Hannah watched him, to ensure he wouldn't drown. The Usul's heartbeat was moderately rapid for a while until Armin saw Hannah worrying about him.

    "Hannah? Please… don't worry. I am happy in this water. I'm able to feel comfortable in this. While this is new to me, I am having quite a bit of fun! You should, too!"

    "Armin… I know you're loyal, but, if you are being untruthful to yourself, you are also untruthful to me. If it turns out that you're trying to impress me, while unhappy or uncomfortable, I will have a hard time trusting you, Armin. Are you certain you're being truthful? This is your only chance to retract any untruths to what you just told me."

    "I swear, Hannah, I am being truthful. Never would I lie to you. You, the beautiful girl that I found cold, unconscious, and under a layer of snow on Terror Mountain. You, Hannah the Usul. Besides, swimming is important to you, and, I truly hope to swim like you, someday, to help you with large treasure chests, and bringing them to shore. Not even Vegeta will be able to beat us with our combined swimming skills, once I'm done learning how to swim by a beautiful expert!"

Hannah sniffled. "Armin, the only thing missing is a diamond or ruby. Otherwise, it's quite beautiful, what you just told me." Armin hugged Hannah as the Usul sniffled between words.

Armin gulped, as he remembered something vital.

"Uh…… Ah, heh, heh! Uh! Hannah?" The Bori was nervous.

"Armin? You seem nervous."

"Uh, well……" Armin leaned towards Hannah to whisper something in her ear. The Usul gasped.

"We need Vegeta. He's the only one who can help us!" Hannah's words made Armin gasp, as Vegeta himself was heard walking towards the recreational room.

"What.... now? Surely, he shouldn't mind.... calling off the expedition?"

"The problem is, it might hurt the poor guy's feelings..." Hannah then used a hand motion towards Armin to tell him to stop talking about their worries.

"Lovebirds, you both seem rather nervous. My wife and I are concerned for you two." Vegeta's concerned voice made the pair feel nervous.

"Oh, Vegeta! You have a nice sense of humour! No, really! Armin and I aren't in any trouble! We have to get used to culture here on Earth!"

    "Save the act, Usul. My scouter indicates your base energy level is very similar to when we first met. Your base energy levels, combined, when calm, is at 20. Right now, I see it is at 35. Something is happening, and I want to know what it is. Lie to me, and I will retract my expedition offer. I am under no obligation to take you two to the custom clothes shop. But, I am willing to give you two a chance to keep the offer." Vegeta's words made the pair feel a bit more under pressure to stay. However, Hannah knew she had to come clean with her concerns about the big gem.

    "Vegeta... I have this strange feeling." Hannah shook as she got out of the hot tub. It wasn't the cooling down that caused her body to vibrate. It was fear. "See, Armin and I... we... found a nice gem, and we need to protect it. No matter what, we cannot allow anything to happen to it!"

    Vegeta eyed the pair. "So? Why couldn't -" He then paused. He knew if their find was heavy enough, they wouldn't have risked bringing it with them, out in the open, and his scouter picked up a strange reading on both days he had met them. "So... it's still at your place, huh? Figures. So, my friend... tell me, what is so special about this gem?"

    Armin jumped out in front of Hannah, almost as if to protect her, and shouted "It's big! It's green! It weighs a ton! Well, half a ton, but, it felt like it weighed a lot more!"

The Gem's importance!

    "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!" Vegeta's eyes opened up. "What are you trying to pull?" He asked with a slight level of skepticism and joking tone, and frowned slightly, "You and I ALL know that NO gem is that big!" Vegeta looked more serious at the pair, "And, even if it were, I'd have known about it, a LONG time ago!" Vegeta grew impatient.

    "It's true! We speak no word of a lie! Armin has a photograph of it! We have an electronic camera, and, well, we have the photograph on it, but, also printed out! It's the only one, however, so, please, be careful with it." Hannah's looking into Vegeta's eyes was a gesture that told him she wasn't joking. Vegeta then headed for the men's change room.

    As he searched Armin's clothes for the photo, he eventually found what he was looking for. Much to his surprise, the gem seemed to check out. He ran back to the pair, and angrily rushed towards Hannah, who felt hopeless. Vegeta then had poor Hannah in a near chokehold, and growled briefly, but loudly.

    "What's the matter with you two?!?! Couldn't you have told us about this gem any earlier?!?! Well, you must have had it weighed! I am right, am I not?" Vegeta's eyes had rage glowing in them. Hannah struggled to answer, and Armin couldn't take it any longer. He stood up for Hannah by protesting to Vegeta, who angrily threw the Usul at the Bori, who caught her just in time. As she made her landing in Armin's arms, Hannah let out a sharp, frightened, scream, as she never thought someone would be this strong. "Fools! You don't get it, do you? Listen up, because, I'm only going to say this once! There are seven special emeralds known as Chaos Emeralds. And, they have the ability to energize animals and all living beings! However, they have been losing their power, over time. The planet they were created on was completely destroyed. They now reside here on Earth. And, the only gem missing is the Master Emerald, a gem so massive, it may very well be the same one you two found and collected! If it turns out to be the same gem, I'll treat you two to an extravagant trip, all expenses paid, and, more importantly, I'll purchase the gem for 5 fold your asking price! However, if it turns out that it's not the Master Emerald, well, I might still purchase it... just for a little less. After all, it does look quite nice, and my beloved wife could use a nice wedding anniversary present."

    Hannah's shaking and crying gradually stopped, and as Armin prepared to set the Usul back down, she begged him to keep her in his arms. Armin shook nervously, as he sensed the magnitude of Hannah's fear. "Please, Hannah? You're Hannah the Brave!" Armin somewhat begged.

    "YEAH?!?! Well, for the time being, YOU are Armin the Brave, while I am Hannah the Frightened!" Hannah piped up, realizing that she was snapping at poor Armin, the one she never thought she'd behave like this towards. Hannah shook, and looked at the poor Bori that she yelled at, and whimpered. "Armin.... I'm so sorry! I snapped at you!" Tears rolled down her face, and Hannah cried out loud. Hannah hugged Armin harder, and cried with more heart.

"Now, now. It's only natural to snap after a frightening experience like that," Armin whispered.

"But, I'm a Usul!" Hannah whimpered, "No Usul ever snaps at their beloved ones!"

    "Maybe, they've never been as stressed as you!" Armin tried to comfort Hannah. However, the Usul felt somewhat offended by the fact that her Bori companion had the audacity of informing her she was stressed. However, Hannah's initial feel of being offended faded when she realized that Armin was able to see that something was wrong with her, and cared enough about her to point out that she perhaps needed to address her emotional problems. As Hannah continued to prss against Armin for comfort, Vegeta cleared his throat.

    "You know, I regret attacking you like this. I really do. That is why I will pay top price for your gem, either way." Vegeta did not dare try to smirk or smile. He maintained his composure, and looked at Armin in a sincere manner. "If you and Hannah get married, it would be nice to have it happen here on Earth. This mansion harbours a private church. I am certain you can invite plenty of friends to your wedding. However, that is a long time from now. But, it isn't to say I won't be there to make beautiful things happen in your relationship with one another in the meantime. That is the truth." Vegeta couldn't help but smile as he finished talking, as he enjoyed seeing beautiful prospective couples bloom into full romance, and he had a knack for identifying real couples.

    "You're very kind, Vegeta." Armin was grateful to his host. However, he had the urge to let Hannah down on the ground, as the Usul was getting to be a bit too heavy for the poor Bori, and Vegeta noticed that. He then relieved Armin of his position of being Hannah's physical support by pulling her away, and setting the Usul on the ground.

    "Why'd you do that, Vegeta?" Hannah asked while she shook.

    "Humph! You're welcome, Usul. Perhaps, you should be thankful and happy that I'm willing to compensate you in either scenario in regards to your precious gem find." Vegeta squinted slightly as the Usul slowly turned to face him as he spoke. Vegeta let the pair know that he found it was urgent to get the gem to Planet Earth, and, therefore, they would get down to business as soon as the couple changed into their regular clothes.

Vegeta and White Hawk's problem with the Portal Machine

    Moe and BIOS were disappointed that their father had to leave to Neopia to retrieve the gem from Hannah and Armin's home. However, they understood that it would be for a short while, as The Hacker still wanted to bring the pair from Neopia around town. White Hawk was worried about her machine, however, as it gave very different information about the captured coordinates about Hannah and Armin's house on Krawk Island. Vegeta frowned, but kept his temper in check.

    "Could it be... the Portal is somewhere else on Neopia? I assume it is... after all, planets rotate all the time. Perhaps, the coordinates are only good for us in the morning, or in the evening."

Will Vegeta, Hannah and Armin get the gem? Or, will someone like Kanrik and the Thieves Guild get it before the trio can bring it to Planet Earth?
Greetings! I have an exciting Birthday Party to attend! It's my uncle's, and, he's double my age!
One is overreacting. I have a tendency to overreact to things that should be insignificant in nature. I am working on that, for certain.

And, before people jump the gun on me, I've seen the light. I realize now that romantic relationships aren't necessary to bring someone true happiness. True happiness comes from within. Romantic relationships can bring additional happiness, or can be toxic, depending on the persons involved.

I know that I want a mature partner by my side, who is kind and responsible. (Example: Finishing school, getting a job, contributing to the community.). I would prefer a partner who is responsible to one who just sits at home, doing nothing. Of course, this will happen when it happens. There's no point in rushing it. Also, I realize that not easing up on the gas in a relationship, especially when the other person isn't doing the same for you, it is a wasted effort. That was another fault of mine. Putting in an excess of effort in a relationship is a toxic move, as it can make your partner feel smothered by your actions. This can hurt your relationship, big time. I truly do own up to my faults, and I do hope to circumvent these. In the long run, with the proper support and help from others, I may very well be a more mature, and stronger lover, sometime. And, once that sometime happens, the right woman will see me for the charming, loving, mature man I am meant to be.

Another problem I had was... over dependence on romantic relationships. That, too is being worked on. I'm forging my own happiness by trying to keep busy with my volunteer WebMaster roles, as well as my current job.

So, for those who are genuinely concerned about my mental health, I appreciate the concern, and that is why I am keeping those concerned in the loop. Feel free to help those with similar problems by referring to this Journal, especially if they're threatening to go to drastic measures to get the outcome they want.
I am now officially Certified through W3Schools in CSS! My passing grade is: 82%! Not too shabby! CSS is pretty in-depth, too! Keep an eye out for any upcoming HTML/CSS Tutorials on my YouTube. I might do Live Stream ones, as well.


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Greetings! I have an exciting Birthday Party to attend! It's my uncle's, and, he's double my age!

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I see your writing style has improved a great deal! The part of the story where it is in italics shows me that was a flashback, and a v...

I found the size of the Point of View sections was a bit more consistent in this story. It seems like Serge telling Nick that he asked ...

The alternating Points of View is an interesting idea. In some points, I find that there's some Point of View sections that are long, w...

What an interesting read! It has quite a unique twist - a cop getting help from a Mob Boss! However, Max isn't out of the woods, yet, I...

My Critiques.

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