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3D ID Card Model
Health Card 3D Model by SonAmyFan362
If you want a nice 3D Model of an ID Card, but, you don't want to have to do any work, feel free to consult me.


Simple, nothing fancy: Sort of like the Health Card 3D Model I uploaded. Simple background, and information that is relevant to the identification piece is included. On the back side, there will be another face for the card, so it looks more realistic. For these, I'll go for about... 20 - 50 Points.

Kind of fancy: Includes everything from the first option, with the addition of a placeholder for a photograph of the cardholder. An example that this would be useful for would be a Driver's License 3D Model, or a Health Card with a photograph. For these ones, I'll go for around... 100 - 250 Points.

Fancy: Same as the second option, but, with additional features, such as a signature line, and a magnetic strip on the back of the card. Feel free to inquire about more options, if you desire. For these, I'm willing to sell for about... 500- 800 Points, depending on how many options are added.

I'm flexible with pricing, so, if you want an adjustment on the price, feel free to drop me a Note. Thank you.
Literature Tag
Simple designs, such as your username on a gradient background, about 10 - 20 Points.

Designs with characters, about 50 - 60 Points.
Journal Skins
Simple, basic Skins: roughly 10 - 50 Points, depending how much detail (Like, a link bar above the Entry Text is about 10 Points more. If it is a long navigation bar, it's an increase of 20 Points, instead of 10.) is required. These are the kinds of Journal Skins where you'll see the text: "Journal Entry: ", followed by the date and time the Journal Entry has been created / Submitted. If you don't mind it, it is ideal for you. If you don't want that, it falls under Fancy Skins.

Fancy Skins: 100 - 200 Points. These are, as mentioned before, the ones where "Journal Entry: " with the date is NOT included. If this is what you're aiming for, refer to this option, please. If you WANT the "Journal Entry: " text included, refer to the first option.

Skins with image background: roughly 500 - 700 Points. These can go with either prior mentioned option. However, this option's price will override the desired option's price. So, for example, option 2's price will be NOT included in this Commission. It will only be this one. However, feel free to negotiate a price with me, if you want a more fair price. I'm always flexible, and these are just suggested prices. Do not feel bad for asking me to lower the price.

I am flexible with pricing, as long as it is decent for both parties.
Please send me a Note with the option of your choice.
A New Life Era Character. Whether they are a good or bad person, it's up to you.
Briefly describe your character's appearance, and what role you see they can play in any upcoming stories.
Your own character as a cameo to you.
Anybody can request a character in any of my future stories. However, I ask that you limit yourself to the range of 1-4. Four custom characters for my stories should suffice. However, if you want more, I won't have a problem with it.
Grammar Check.

Commas, colons, semi-colons, apostrophes, and periods.
3D Poser Render for a scene in your story!
I am willing to make any render out of any story in Poser.

If your character(s) is/are extra-terrestrial, send me a Poser model to work with.

Point rates:
1-2: +0 PTS
+10 Addtional PTS per group of characters (3+ characters)

I am willing to be flexible with the pricing.


Newest Deviations

I try to make time to upload new material. However, at the moment, I still have to take care of my school stuff.... so, if you're waiting for something, know that I DO want to work on my stuff. I just haven't gotten the time, yet.


Order some photographs, too! They're bound to make a nice gift for Christmas, this year!


? ?
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~Deviant since Mar 14, 2011

*Premium Member since December 12, 2012

=Beta Tester since December 12, 2012

I have some Google Forms on my series, entitled, A New Life Era

Questions in General:…

Characters and relationships:…

You may also check the following link for the progress on all of my stories at any time:…

I thank you in advance for any feedback you give me in advance.

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Hello, and welcome! I've always wondered where all my wonderful Pageviews are coming from, so, I've recently installed a Flag Counter. Thank you for dropping by, and feel free to browse around!

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SonAmyFan362 has started a donation pool!
214 / 10,000
Please donate as much as you wish for future Contests.

I can assure you that I do not splurge for myself. The Cake Badge thing was simply a result of experimentation. I'm really tempted to find out how to ask for a refund for those 160 Points back..... I'm getting a feeling that wasn't supposed to happen.

The Contests I will host will be fairly simple to enter in.

The Point Prizes will be as follows:

1-4 Points per Comment on stories listed in Journal Entry. (If there are more Comments than 4, I might increase it, but, I'll divide it all evenly by the number of entrants.)

5-10 Points per Critique (Premium Feature) on stories listed in Journal Entry.

Cake Badges (If I can afford it.)

However, right now, since I'm very short on Points, I'm only able to offer prizes other than Points or Prepaid Premium Memberships.

At the moment, what I can offer as Prizes is as listed:

Comment/Critique on your work of your choice. (As many as you wish)
A Favorite on as many of your Deviations.
A Daily Deviation suggestion to Community Volunteers.
A Journal Feature.
A Llama Badge. (If I already gave you one, I'll post a comment on a story or work of art of your choice.)
Anything else that can be offered for free. (I'm not made of money, and I do wish to be able to hold Contests in the future. Right now, however, I do need help in order to get started. Thank you for at least considering assisting me in my project.)

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To bring at least one of my own stories to life in the form of a 3D Film. Well, a film made in a 3D environment. However, I will need help. Voice acting, help with directing, etc. Also, which one of my stories would be the best to do a film on? The last thing I want to do is to get myself and other people to put all this heart and soul into this film project, and only get a few dozen views in a year's time. I want to have a masterpiece.

If my Hannah and Armin stories have potential for film, please try to get someone familiar with Source Film Maker (The software I plan to utilize to make the film(s)) to make models for: Hannah the Usul, Arnin the Bori, Colin and Marisa (Armin's parents), Kanrik the Gelert ( as well as The Thieves Guild members. Their names aren't all that important. Just generic Neopets in thieves clothing with basic weaponry. Just massive in numbers.), Colin the Kyrii, and Bill the Bruce. (I'll change his species name to the correct one if I goofed up.). The first four are the primarily important ones. The rest are also important, but, Kanrik, for example, will be basically under suspicious eyes as far as Hannah and Armin go.

Is this a good ambition, or, am I just way over myself? I want to do this, as I feel it can provide me a new fashion to bring my ideas to life.

Journal History


I found the size of the Point of View sections was a bit more consistent in this story. It seems like Serge telling Nick that he asked ...

The alternating Points of View is an interesting idea. In some points, I find that there's some Point of View sections that are long, w...

What an interesting read! It has quite a unique twist - a cop getting help from a Mob Boss! However, Max isn't out of the woods, yet, I...

Awesome stuff! I really wish I could follow this here video tutorial! It's amazing how things have changed over the years, yet, the Jou...

My Critiques.

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Start off your morning with a lovely mug or two! :D!


I want any of the following: Comments. Points. Premium Membership. Any of this will be appreciated.


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